Conscious Consumers® represent approximately $200 billion in grocery business sales. Are you reaching these consumers who care more, share more and spend more?

Food does more than sustain – it fascinates. Your consumer marvels at flavors, textures and presentation, and increasingly does his or her own due diligence about the health, social and environmental consequences of their purchases. We help you communicate with this Conscious Consumer®.

  • Conscious Consumers care more: Consumers are likely to switch from a favored food brand if they learn that the company was involved in irresponsible practices involving recalls, animals or labor.
  • Conscious Consumers share more: 71% of Americans rate word-of-mouth as important in learning about a company’s health, sustainability and CSR practices.
  • Conscious Consumers spend more: Americans are willing to spend 31% extra per week on sustainably produced food.

Gibbs-rbb brings a unique, holistic and comprehensive approach to food, beverage and CPG companies’ communications strategies. We call this end-to-end communications: starting with the seed and farmers and ending with consumer consumption and disposal.


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End-to-end communications for food and beverage companies designed to engage the Conscious Consumer.